Design Thinking Meetup #2 – User-Centered Process, Summary

Design Thinking Meetup #2 – User-Centered Process, Summary


The second Meetup was a great event. Our guests were Katrin Dribbisch and Manuel Manuel Großmann from Service Design Berlin. We tried a new setup and that’s why the whole event had a different feeling – the new venue offered drinks, we did shorter presentations and a smaller exercise then the last time. We learned for the future that the exercise in teams is crucial and its the reason why a lot of people come. So next time we will emphasise that!
Here you can find mine and Piotr’s presentation on empathy and observation.


And below Katrin and Manuel’s slides. Their speech was great – filled with tips but also with a lot of fun :)


Have a look at the pictures:

Please remember to send us feedback… and see you soon!


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