48/100SDT Design Thinking Meetup #1, Warsaw – summary

48/100SDT Design Thinking Meetup #1, Warsaw – summary

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This post is written in English as it summarises the first Design Thinking Meetup in Warsaw where we had international guests.

On the 6th of May I co-organized an experimental meeting which has launched a series of similar events. It was amazing to see over 80 very engaged people willing to learn and get to know each other. The following meetups will take place every 4-6 weeks.
Due to the fact, that the planned location was closed down on pretty short notice before our event, we had to find another place. The choice as for such a big crowd was good – ‘Stan Surowy’ at the basement of faculty of Architecture. Next time though, if we use that space again, I’d rather move to the other room which was more spacious and open. This way we can make the meeting feel more intimate, with smaller distance between speaker and the audience. The other issue we learned a bit too late was stage lights handling – next time we promise no problems with that.
The theme of the meeting was teams in Design Thinking. We had 3 presentations – the first by me was an introduction and dealt with creation of design teams based on my experience in d-school:



The second presentation was given by our awesome guest – Mana Taheri. Mana comes from Iran, lives in Berlin and is an alumni HPI School of Design Thinking. She presented her d-school team learnings.


The final presentation was given by Łukasz Foks from Microsoft, who wants to adjust the Design Thinking tools to the Polish market. Łukasz is looking for a team so please contact him!

After the presentations we did a little exercise – I asked people to create personal collages/ creative CVs so they act as a ice breaker for conversations. The initial idea was to divide into teams of 5 people and share the creations. We thought that if we have less then 50 guests than it’s manageable, if more then we will skip the team formation due to possible chaos. That was a slight mistake – I should have stayed with the old plan. But hey – “fail early and often”, right? Anyway the results were great, I was really positively surprised by what you did! To help everyone connect you can tag yourself on the pics: https://www.facebook.com/events/556525354463290/




The networking went on and the vibe was great. Again, I was really surprised by the amount of people involved – a month ago I was hoping for 30 people – and we were 80! The only missing part was lack of beer / wine (next time we will cover that) so we moved to Znajomi Znajomych afterwords :)

All in all I think it was a really nice event and I would love to hear more feedback. Leave a comment or please fill this short questionnaire:

The next meetup will probably take place a week after Gov Jam Warsaw in the beginning of June (which I can recommend everyone to attend).

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